Back in the late 1950s or early 1960s, a man very dear to us
named Jack Baker, owned the Pike Forest Fossil Beds.

Jack sold one of the stumps from his forest to Walt Disney to put in Disneyland.
More than anything, that is what probably motivated the government to appropriate
his tourist trap which is now the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

Here is a picture of the stump at Disneyland. The picture on the left, I took in the
1980s.  The picture on the right, a friend of mine - Cory Davidsion - took for me
in 2004.  The plaque does not mention Jack Baker or Florissant or even Colorado.

Here is a scan of Jack's Guest Register from the Pike Forest Fossil Beds
that Walt Disney signed.  And the letter Walt Disney wrote to Jack confirming the delivery details.
The date on the register is July 11, 1956.   No, the register and letter are not for sale... yet.

I am not completely certain who is pictured in this image, but most likely it is a
photograph of Walt Disney with Jack's homely mutt, when Mr Disney visited Jack's
forest in 1956.  Jack was very fond of this picture.  He had the image applied to
souvenir plates, postcards, brochures, and anything and everything else he
could think of.  Jack was quite the promoter.  We have several original 8x10 prints
of this picture for sale.  No, we do not have the original negative.
Since they were printed in 1956, and stored in a chicken coop from 1969 to 1994,
they are not in pristine condition.  

This is a plate Jack made to promote Walt Disney's visit to his tourist trap.
This might be the only surviving example.  No, it is not for sale.  Not now, not ever.

This link will take you to our Disneyania inventory and our other tourist trinkets.

Here are some pictures of the guys loading the stump onto Jack's
truck for the trip to Disneyland.  My Uncle Jake and my Uncle Johnny
are pictured here with Jack.


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