Nautical Ship Lights

Our fascination with the ocean and all that is within it transcends to the ships that make their voyage across choppy waters to reach exotic destinations. Often our fascination is something we would want to showcase in our own private space as well. The use of nautical antiques in interior design has been received with great enthusiasm. Even though these lights may seem past their sell-by date, the clever use of materials is incorporated into an eclectic environment that speaks of style and sophistication.

The use of marine antiques as focal points within design areas, ensure that the eye is drawn to something that exudes masculinity and beauty at the same time. Homeowners are no longer just satisfied with their design pieces just being ordinary shop bought items, they long for a piece of history. The love of antiques is brought on by the human spirit’s sense of adventure and longing to know a deeper, wider tale than the eye can see. Marine lights seem to be well incorporated into any design theme. Having them spray-painted to a desired colour to suit a modern design style, or incorporating brass ship lights into a rustic environment are a few great ideas. There is a company by the name of Big Ship Salvage that is using nautical ship lights in this exact way. Click here to see Ship Lights from Big Ship Salvage.

The use of nautical lamps is limited only by the imagination. They work especially well in the kitchen to create an old world ambience. If you want to create an impressive statement and have quite a few nautical exterior lamps, the patio is a great place to start. Not all nautical lighting creates the same atmosphere. Some nautical salvaged lights create a soft glow while others are a little bit harsh. Use your discretion to incorporate them within your space, however, do not be afraid to take a bit of risk. Often the biggest design flaws are those spaces that lack confidence. It is a well-known fact any design look can be pulled off with the right amount of confidence. Starting with a clear canvas and having a clear vision of what it is you want to achieve will ensure that all design facets come together.  Below is a video of different types of nautical ship lights that are available:

In design, less often tends to be more. When you blend nautical lighting into your everyday habitat, it is important to keep track of the amount of items you have on display. If there are too many design styles in the same area, the eye finds it difficult to rest on a focal point. This in turn results in a lack of the much-deserved attention your nautical antiques deserve. 

Nautical ceiling lights are not only beautiful, they also add a sense of old world charm. These are mainly brass bulkhead lights that have been styled to fit into to a modern environment. Look out for different shapes from Big Ship Salvage and other companies, as they have been styled to suit a variety of styles for instance steampunk, art deco, modern, rustic, gothic, as well as Victorian. A few touches and tweaks will ensure that this beautiful feature is prominent in every home, no matter the style represented there.